Update: October 21, 2020

The Transcriptions are starting to appear.

Sorry, the Ballads PDF below is still a stub... The score browser is working though.....
There are also a few sample pages at high resolution.

I am currently giving away three songs from the Brontë Ballads, and three of the Transcriptions. The songs are the three with recordings. I had planned to offer a different three songs for the free songbook, so guess we'll see what in the end...

Please note that, while I am making these six works freely available, they are still under copyright as are all the works on this site, and I do reserve performance rights and ‘mechanicals’. The scores are technically rental scores. Nor are my works under the jurisdiction of any performing rights organisation—only I can grant rights including resale, copying, distribution, performance, mechanicals and sync. These rights must be obtained in advance. More information is at the Terms and Conditions page.

bronte-ballads-op2-songbook-sample.pdf Three songs from Brontë Ballads [file still a stub]
transcriptions-op1-free-samples.pdf Three Guitar Transcriptions (Schumann, Liszt, Schubert)

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