Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Google Scholar is fucking up. I have nothing to do with any ‘Ŀ Ɓɇȑӎǎǹ’. (I add diacritics since I'm not giving the person free publicity through Google's dastardly malappropriation and slanderous misrepresentation.) We'll overlook the fact that Google actually excerpts from my document ‘TRANSIENT DRAFT’ and ‘Redistribution is PROHIBITED’, which while perhaps legal is obviously full asshole. But how does Google figure I am associated with this Ɓɇȑӎǎǹ, or get a date of 1977 for a document published in 2020? Note that there is at present no way to contact Google Scholar, period. (The link that Google Scholar provides, and that Google Help Center recommends, returns 403, i.e. it is dead. And the help thread was evidently of no help anyway, which is par for the course for all Google Support for as long as I can remember.) None of the supposed 13 citations are valid, and, of the 3 purported versions, two are bogus and have nothing to do with me at all. Google, you should be made to pay for this sweeping and compound fraudulence in some meaningful way. Deplorable even for some struggling company trying to survive; utterly despicable and inexcusable in your case.
Google fucks up.