I have the images etc., so this is pending, but not a high priority. For fun I am planning to try to reconstruct it exactly including avatar, signature, etc. as it did and should appear... Putting this here more as a reminder to myself.

(I’ll probably never get around to this.)

Suffice to say, the topic title ends “with pictures”, but those pictures of hand position etc. were deleted, so the post is rendered useless. Again, this was not an edit due to objectionable content: So far as I can tell, all images posted by former members are deleted by the admins (perhaps automatically, but still by their choice). Maybe images linked off-site are still shown; whatever. I used their image attachment mechanism as being the most by-the-rules, community-player approach, clearly a mistake detrimental of the purpose of the forum, which is to share information and views relating to classical guitar. The current, mutilated version can be seen as of this writing. Since I have no intention of linking to ĐėĮċąmþ from my site, you will need: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=137993