All the songbooks are available in two layouts:

(At present there is no option for separate voice and guitar scores.)

The layout with tabs in an appendix will give you three lines of music per page instead of two. (The links are to sample pages.)

If you would like to exchange your copy for one with tabs as appendix, please mail the book to me (address on copyright page), and send email explaining your request. I don't give the address, and it's not applicable since there are no print songbooks available yet; only electronic PDF music is available at this time... Return postage fees are calculated based on your address. After receiving payment for costs of return postage, I will send you the same book in the alternative layout.

If the book is still in mint condition, your only expense will be postage (in both directions). If the book is not in pristine condition, suitable for sale again as new, you will receive an email to that effect. In such a case you would need to purchase another to get the alternative layout. Your original copy will be returned to you. You will be given the chance to have the new order included in the same shipment, should you choose to pay for the replacement.

Please order online in future so you can specify this less popular layout. (Since books are sometimes ordered as gifts, I will honour the exchange even if it was purchased from this site where the layout option is clearly advertised.)